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Simon Community Scotland_

Leading the AKA Scotland concept team I was given the task by homeless charity Simon Community Scotland of producing an impactful and informative public communications advertising campaign for themselves and sister charity Street Work highlighting the dangers of hypothermia on the rough sleeping populations across both Edinburgh and Glasgow.


I created the hashtag #STAYWARMSTAYSAFE to head all communications which were then split into 2 different campaigns:


Campaign 1 was aimed at both the general public and rough sleepers alike and highlighted the 6 key warning signs of hypothermia. This used a cooled down version of the Simon Community brand colour palette with the signs placed around a thermometer graphic shown ominously dropping in temperature.

Campaign 2 was created to more directly target the rough sleepers themselves and reinforce the message "Stay Warm Stay Safe". Again a cooled down version of the brand colour palette was used alongside a bold ice block typeface chosen to represent the harsh reality of failing to heed the campaigns key message.


A media campaign strategy based around the new creative was produced to reach people across a number of key touchpoints from impactful out-of-home formats to digital and local press advertising as well as an informative multi-fold self help leaflet which was circulated throughout the 2 cities rough sleeping populations.

Out-of-home 6 Sheet 01 & 02 \ Hashtag


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