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TV Action Graphics_

I do love to watch a bit of telly, so in the Summer of 2023 I decided to scratch a long-held professional itch by getting into the TV and Film game as a graphic designer. And I’m delighted to say that so far it’s been an absolute blast.

I recently wrapped on my first gig; a 4 x 60' drama, produced by Broke & Bones for Netflix, called Toxic Town. Keep your eyes peeled because this little gem will be airing some time in 2024. But there's no rest for the wicked as next up I'll be leading the graphics team on I Fought The Law for Hera Pictures and ITV... wish me luck!

In the meantime, here's a few examples of action graphics that may or may not be coming to a screen near you soon.

1990s Rave Posters* \ Harlow & Hales Cigarette Packaging & Cutting Forme* \ 1996 Car Tax Disc* \ Alfsolut Vodka Bottle* \ Timesheets** \ Anglian Water Utility Bill* \ 1999 The Sunday Times Front & Back Double Page Spread* \ Strutters Ready & Salted Crisps Packaging* \ Chester's Chocolate Biscuits Packaging* \ Snowhill Cigarette Packaging & Cutting Forme* \ 2006 Car Tax Disc* \ Milltown Whisky Miniature Bottle* \ Football Match Tickets* \ Late 1990s Quality Street Chocolate Box Packaging* \ Generic Council Office Notice Board Bumf** \ Aldoms Safety Matches Packaging* \ Early 2000s Warburtons Bread Packaging* \ Harlow & Hales Cigarette Box Packaging* \ Haddenbrau Pleck Lager Bottle* \ Freemasons Song Book* \ Dark Peak Milk Carton* \ Haymers Pilsner Lager Bottle* \ Early 2000s Windows PC Desktop** \ Hospital Patient Records Folder** \ Sootheon Antiseptic Cream* \ The Explainer Website Article Page* \ Certificates* \ Northamptonshire Police Badge (Fake)* \ Assorted Book Covers* \ Assorted Business Cards**

*Designed, recreated, artworked and in some cases made by yours truly using various found reference, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, pencils, paper, photocopiers, scalpels, Spray Mount and a little touch of Dirty Down.


**The type of bread and butter, "can you just...", last minute stuff that's always subtly dressed in the background of any scene worth its salt. Made to look used and real, and a little bit rough and ready like they were designed by the work experience person in accounts on a PC. Just in case you were wondering why these pieces are all slightly naff in appearance!

Freemasons Song Book - Original logo design by Christian Ashton, inner pages and book designed and made by my good self.

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