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Another rebrand and website courtesy of myself and the Run2 posse, this time for our great mates at the Verde Group. Experts in building rapidly deployable platforms and infrastructure to go into some of the worlds harshest environments. Mobile buildings to you and me, and bloody good ones too!

We took their existing logo and gave it a completely new look and feel to better represent the rugged multi-purpose products in question. Creating a three dimensional V shaped building inspired graphic as the focal point for the new visual identity. Multilinguists out there will know that verde means green in a number of languages, so that was the perfect starting point for a new military inspired colour palette which used camouflage hues to create a different mood for each section on the site.

Much like any Verde Group product, the DIN typeface was chosen because of it's no nonsense versatility and good looks, and also because it reminded us all of the kind of thing we used to see on screen in films like Rambo when we were kids!

NB: Websites are an organic and ever changing beast, so what you see here isn't necessarily what you'll get if you go there. Just saying ;)

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