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Dell Technologies_

I was approached by Dell Technologies to produce the creative for their whitepaper collaboration with the Oxford AI Society, documenting 10 chosen brainstorm ideas of how new artificial intelligence could impact upon the current and post-covid workplace. Working alongside the Oxford AI brainstorm team I produced both printed and online collateral which highlighted recommendations set out by the society and sought to achieve their vision of work redefined. One where a balance of remote and office working reaps the benefits of both worlds, improving employee satisfaction and productivity and reducing both the cost and environmental impact.


The four brainstorm team members were chosen as the faces of the project and used on the whitepaper cover as well as throughout the supporting social media campaign. On-screen, glitch style visuals were developed to represent the digital nature of the project and this styling was then applied to chosen imagery from Dell Technologies extensive image library. A colour palette was created to sit alongside the existing Dell signature colours thus becoming an extension of an already recognisable visual language, with a single colour then chosen from the new palette to be used within each of the four sections as a way of differentiating one from another. Mic 32, a contemporary sans serif typeface was chosen for the campaign, similar to Roboto which is used extensively by Dell but different enough to feel fresh for the new and ongoing project.


Alongside the creative work a media strategy was also produced with a targeted digital campaign across social media and within a number of AI related online publications.

Cover \ Double Page Spreads

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