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This NHS alcohol awareness campaign was created to highlight the Section 141 Licensing Act which states that it’s against the law for bar staff to sell alcohol to anyone who is already drunk.


The familiar landlords cry of "Time Please!" together with the hand stop sign were combined to leave the viewer in no doubt about the intended message, and the yellow and black colour scheme was used as a deliberate nod to the hazard warning signs which seem so prevalent in most public areas. 


The creative was produced to be seen in and around bars and restaurants in the North West of England and Manchester in particular, with a number of different executions including impactful out-of-home formats, flyers, drink unit calculators, yellow warning cards, and a bespoke microsite. A fold out wallet sized checklist was also produced and given to all bar and venue staff as a handy reminder of the Time Please campaigns key aims, as well as T-shirts that were worn on site to further strengthen this important yet previously little known directive.

Poster \ Checklist \ Microsite \ Logo Marque

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