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Manchester Metropolitan University_

This prospectus for MMU’s famous Hollings Faculty Toast Rack campus was created to advertise the faculties courses in food, nutrition, fashion, hospitality, events management and tourism. 


With the plan to relocate to the Universities new base in Manchester city centre, the brief required that a stunning visual of its current homes unique architecture was created, which would also showcase its latest academic output using words and pictures from a number of lucky student competition winners. Manchester and in particular Factory Records iconic musical heritage served as an inspiration for the 12” record sleeve style creative used in the prospectus, which employed a specially commissioned illustration of the Toast Rack done by my good self as its lead visual. The colours were taken directly from the existing MMU colour palette and were used to specifically represent each of the programmes on show, with the colour co-ordinated illustrations of the windows on the books cover hinting at the courses offered inside the faculty. The outer sleeve was deliberately left plain apart from the title and logo but introduced the viewer to the book inside via a series of die cuts, these shapes were then printed throughout the book to break up the photography on each page. 


A website and A7 multi-fold information pack were also produced to support the campaign.

Sleeve \ Book & Sleeve \ Book \ Double Page Spreads \ Website \ A7 Multi-fold

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